Financial highlights


R41 954 million

(2018: R39 379 million)

Operating profit

R1 831 million

(2018: R1 838 million)

Earnings per share

479 cents per share

(2018: 436 cents per share)

Cash generated by operations

R1 121 million

(2018: R382 million)

Return on invested capital*


(2018: 14,3%)

Weighted average cost of capital*


(2018: 10,8%)

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The South African operations contributed 67% to revenue and 93% to operating profit, for the period (2018: 68% and 92%), with the remainder being contributed by the UK, Australia and South East Asia.

The global and South African political and economic environments remain unstable. Emerging markets have been more severely affected compared to developed economies. The latest spread of the Coronavirus will impact economies throughout the world as China is a large part of the global economy. The impact is unknown at this stage, however, Motus will continue to monitor the situation.

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