Key investment highlights

  • Diversified (non-manufacturing) business in the automotive sector with a leading position in South Africa, a selected international presence primarily in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, as well as a limited presence in South East Asia and Southern and East Africa.
  • Fully integrated business model across the vehicle value chain: Import and Distribution, Retail and Rental, Financial Services and Aftermarket Parts.
  • Unrivalled scale in South Africa underpins a differentiated value proposition to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, customers and business partners, providing multiple customer touch points supporting resilience and customer loyalty through the entire vehicle ownership cycle.
  • High free cash flow generation underpinned by annuity income streams in our Financial Services business.
  • Income streams not directly dependent on new vehicle sales: Parts and services in the dealerships, the Aftermarket Parts business selling parts and accessories and the Financial Services business selling value-added products and services to customers other than new vehicle buyers.
  • Defined organic growth trajectory through portfolio optimisation, continuous operational enhancements and innovation, with a selective acquisition growth strategy in and outside South Africa leveraging best-in-class expertise.
  • Highly experienced management team, with deep industry knowledge of regional and global markets and a proven track record with years of collective experience, with an independent and diversified board.

Integrated business model

Our services extend across all segments of the vehicle value chain

Importer and distributor of passenger, light commercial vehicles and parts to serve a network of dealerships, car rental companies, fleets and government institutions in South Africa.

For more information see Import and Distribution

Import and Distribution

Retailer of new and pre-owned passenger and commercial vehicles across all segments in South Africa and the UK, and passenger vehicles in Australia.

Servicing and maintenance of vehicles.

Rental of passenger and light commercial vehicles.

For more information see Retail and Rental

Retail and Rental

Manager and administrator of service, maintenance and warranty plans.

Develop and sell value-added products and services (VAPS).

Provider of fleet management services.

Provider of business process outsourcing through sophisticated technology and call centre capabilities.

Operate an innovation hub.

For more information see Financial Services

Financial Services

Distributor, wholesaler and retailer of accessories and parts for out-of-warranty vehicles through retail and franchised stores, and specialised workshops supported by distribution centres in South Africa, Taiwan and China.

For more information see Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Parts


Financial highlights


Operating profit

* Excludes head office and eliminations.

Pro forma disclaimer

To provide a more meaningful assessment of the Group's performance for the six months, pro forma information has been included under the segment performance section in the unaudited condensed consolidated results for the six months ended 31 December 2020 and 2019.

The directors of Motus Holdings Limited are responsible for compiling the pro forma financial information in accordance with paragraphs 8.15 to 8.34 of the JSE Listings Requirements and in compliance with the SAICA Guide on Pro forma Financial Information, revised and issued in September 2014 (applicable criteria). The pro forma information does not constitute financial statements fairly presented in accordance with IFRS. The pro forma information has been prepared for illustrative purposes only and because of its nature may not fairly present the Group's financial position, changes in equity, results of operations and cash flows. The underlying information used in the preparation of the pro forma financial information has been prepared using the accounting policies in place for the year ending 30 June 2021. The pro forma financial information has not been reviewed or reported on by the company's external auditors.

Financial highlights

Message from our CEO

We are well positioned to maintain our leading position in South Africa and grow in selected international markets. Our strategic focus remains on deepening our competitiveness and relevance across the automotive value chain, by driving organic growth through optimisation, innovation and with selective bolt-on acquisitions.

OS Arbee

Chief Executive Officer

Financial overview